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(Please see instructional items for your homeroom teacher and non-instructional items for all 1 st Grade classes.)

Suggested Supply List of Instructional Items for traditional classes (Dannehl, Nickle, Jones):

● 1 pair headphones labeled with name (only used by your child)
● 1 pencil box (standard size, labeled with name)
● Ticonderoga brand pencils
● 2 large pink erasers
● 1 box Crayola markers
● 2 glue sticks

Suggested Supply List of Instructional Items for Span Imm (TBD/Buckway or Robles/Buckway):
● 1 pair headphones labeled with name (only used by your child)
● 2 standard size zipper pencil pouch (not a pencil box)
● Ticonderoga brand pencils
● 1 small box pencil-topper erasers
● 2 large pink erasers
● 2 black fine-tip Expo dry erase markers
● 2 glue sticks

The following Non-Instructional Items are “Appreciated Donations” for all 1 st Grade classes:
● 2 boxes of Kleenex
● 2 containers of Clorox Wipes
● 1 roll paper towels
● Items for treasure box


Dear Parents/Guardians and Patrons,
The purpose of this letter is to provide information/resources that will help you prepare for your child to
begin a new school year. We’ve attached a suggested list of instructional items/school supplies by grade
(K-6th) that our students will utilize during the 2022-2023 school year. NOTICE: The items on this list
will be used during the regular school day. These items may be brought from home on a voluntary
basis, otherwise, they will be furnished by the school. A student may be required to replace supplies
provided by the school which are lost, wasted, or damaged by the student through careless or
irresponsible behavior.
In an effort to provide our students engaging learning experiences beyond the classroom setting, field
trips are often planned during the regular school day. All expenses related to student participation in
school-sponsored outings during the regular school day are incurred by the school.
We welcome any/all donations (supplies and/or $) on behalf of our students! The attached lists are
suggested lists of instructional supplies used daily in our school if you would like to donate supplies. All
donations we receive will be utilized during the regular school day, during instructional activities.
Additionally, there are non-instructional items listed for each grade that are “appreciated donations”.
These types of items, such as tissues and Ziploc bags, will be used during the regular school day as well.
Monetary/cash donations may be used to help us fund field trips and/or other learning activities we feel
are important in helping our students grow and develop and to purchase instructional resources for our
students. Monetary/cash donations in any amount under $250 may be mailed/dropped off to the
Freedom Elementary main office. Donations over $250 must run through the Weber School Foundation
for tax-related purposes. When donating to the Weber School Foundation, indicate you’d like the
donation to benefit Freedom Elementary School.
Weber School Foundation
5320 Adams Avenue Parkway
Ogden, UT 84405
Phone: 801-476-7827
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Brandon Lott – Principal
Freedom Elementary
4555 W 5500 S
Hooper, UT 84315


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