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Our school

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Freedom Elementary 

4555 W. 5500 S. Hooper, Utah  84315

Phone (801) 452-4100 - Fax (801) 452-4119


Community Council Meeting 

21-January 2021      Library         3:30pm


The following Council Members were present: 

Meeting called to order by: ____________________



  1. Welcome/ introductions


  1. Utah School and Institutional Trust System Overview Video
  2. Utah School & Institutional Trust System  can be found on YouTube here:


  1. Review of last year’s Trustland Plan

Adjourn the meeting:  Motion: ___________     Second: __________

All in favor say I.

Meeting adjourned:  ___________p.m.

Next Meeting Scheduled for:  Feb. 11 at 3:30 p.m. 


Trustland Reports


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