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Concerns have been raised about safety issues taking place in our parking lots. (e.g. dropping kids off in the wrong lane, vehicles moving too quickly, moving into and out of the drop-off/pick-up lane rather than pulling forward, using the faculty parking lot instead of the east or west parking lots.)  Please review the parking lot procedures below for the safety of all students and adults. 



Please follow these important rules while picking up and dropping off your precious children at Freedom Elementary.


1.  The East and West Parking Lots are for parent use.  

  • Loading Zone (Drop-off/Pick-up Lane) *
  • Curbside loading and unloading ONLY (students should always exit and enter their vehicle from the doors next to the sidewalk) 
  • NO parking or leaving vehicle NOT for pick-up or drop-off, but only for driving through the parking lot
  • Drive cautiously and slowly, always watching for pedestrians that may be crossing
  • Students must ALWAYS be accompanied by an adult when walking across t
  • To keep the line moving quickly, pull all the way forward before dropping off or picking up your students (For drop-off, students should be ready to exit the vehicle when you stop.) 
  • Drive Through Lane * 
  • The street or parking lot
  • Red zones* are fire lane and tow away zones
  • Do not park or drop-off/pick-up in these zones

2.  The Faculty Parking Lot is for teacher and handicap parking.  It also contains our bus zone. 

  • Bus zone* is for buses and school approved daycare providers ONLY

3.  Be a Good Neighbor—blocking driveways or ignoring signage in the neighborhood by the catwalk may result in a citation.

Please also keep in mind the safety and respect of our staff and teachers as they help monitor and supervise children when they are being picked up and dropped off.

Thanks for helping us keep students safe!


*See map for coordinating color

Parking Lot Map 2020

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