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Dear Parent or Guardian:

 We hope you and your family are enjoying a fun and restful summer. As you may know, the Utah State Board of Education gave local school boards the autonomy to determine the best use of school time for the 2021-2022 school year. Based on the feedback we received from teachers and parents, our Board allowed us to modify school schedules to facilitate sustained professional growth opportunities for educators. As we return to school this fall, each student’s school day will be shortened by 20 minutes in order to increase professional development time and facilitate more frequent collaborative opportunities within our school. We are excited for the additional 100 minutes per week that will be utilized to support our teachers’ professional growth!

We know that you may be worried about the loss of instructional time for your student. We understand that. But, we truly believe that as our teachers become more adept and skilled at seamlessly integrating technology and digital resources into the best practices they have already developed, we can more effectively personalize learning for every student. In the end, we believe this additional time can enrich and improve teaching and learning in ways that benefit every child

As I work with our school’s educators, leaders, students, community council and parent organizations, we will determine the greatest areas of need for our students. Elements that may be addressed in the additional time could be:

  • Professional learning and professional growth - particularly around blended learning, differentiated/personalized learning, social-emotional learning and restorative practices
  • Reflection on practice
  • Implementation of new instruction and assessment strategies
  • Meaningful collaboration
  • Evaluation of student data
  • Other school-based initiatives I really look forward to the excitement and possibilities of a new school year. We thank you for your ongoing support of our school and educators
  • newschedule.


Brandon Lott

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