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Parents – Please take some time with your children to review the policies dealing with safety issues that are stated in this document.

Admissions: All students who are transferring from other schools must provide proof-of-address and a copy of their birth certificate and immunization records (See Immunizations in this handbook).  Academic records will be requested from the school of last attendance.  New kindergarten students must be 5 years old on or before Sept. 1 of the school year in which they are enrolling.  Kindergarten students need: a physical and dental examination, verification of age by official birth certificate and complete immunization records before they can attend school.

Bicycles, Skateboards, Ripstiks and Rollerblades/Skate shoes: Students riding bicycles must park and lock their bikes in the bike rack north of the school, NOT along any fence line.  Students are also asked to walk their bikes while on school property to ensure the safety of all children.  The school assumes no responsibility for bicycles, scooters, or any other transportation device.  For safety reasons, skateboards, ripstiks, and rollerblades/skate shoes are not permitted at school or on school property during school hours and immediately before and after school. An exception to this rule will be when the school is sponsoring an activity involving skating.

Books: Textbooks and workbooks are furnished to your child free of charge, but if a book is lost, misused, or damaged beyond reasonable wear, the student will be billed for the damage or replacement of the book.  The same is true for books checked out of the school library.

Cancellation of School: School is canceled only under such extraordinary circumstances as extreme weather, equipment failure, or public crisis which may cause a significant safety risk to students. Radio stations KLO 1430 or KSL 1160 will make school cancellation announcements beginning at 6:00 AM.  In the event that school must be canceled during the school day, the school will send students home according to the information given on the Demographic/Emergency Contact Form parents fill out at registration each year.  It is crucial that the emergency information we have at the school is up to date.  Please notify the school, in writing, of changes as they occur.

Cell Phones:  Please refer to the Digital Media Device Policy

Field Trips: Field trips are designed to supplement classroom curriculum and to introduce students to the resources of the community.  Parents will receive notices of field trips well in advance and may be asked to sign permission forms and be invited to send a small donation to help defray trip costs.  This is a voluntary contribution and all students will participate regardless of whether they pay.  Parents may also be invited to come along as chaperones on trips.

Gum: No gum is allowed at school.

Home-prepared Food: As per directive from the Weber-Morgan Health Department, home canned and prepared foods are not to be distributed at school for any reason.

Illness or Injury: Sick or injured students will be cared for temporarily by the school nurse or a member of the school staff.  School personnel will render first aid treatment only.  If emergency medical treatment is necessary, the school will: 1) contact parents, 2) call 911, 3) contact designated emergency persons from registration form, or 3) take the child to the emergency room at the designated hospital. Parents, be sure all emergency information is up to date at all times.

Leaving School Grounds: Students are not allowed to leave school grounds during school hours for any reason without the knowledge and consent of their teacher, principal, and parent.  Parents must come into the school office to check students out of school. Office staff will call students out of class to meet parents in the office.

Lost and Found: Articles of clothing will be located in the cafeteria, and money, jewelry, etc., will be in the office.  Please label coats and all other personal items that come to school.  Any unclaimed items will be donated to charity one week after Parent Teacher Conferences and one week after school ends.

Morning Procedure:  Students will be expected to wait at their outside doors until the bell rings each morning.  First and second grade students may walk through the front entrance, out the cafeteria doors and then to the outside door to wait.  Students will not be allowed to wait inside the school unless extreme weather conditions exist.  Please dress your children appropriately for cold weather conditions.  Students eating breakfast are allowed in the building at 8:00am each morning.  After eating students will go to their outside doors and wait for the bell to ring for school entrance.

Pets: NO PETS ALLOWED ON CAMPUS. This includes: all dogs, cats and similar-sized, or larger, animals (with the exception of “helper animals” for those with disabilities); smaller animals outside of secured cages; any animal without prior permission from an administrator.

Recess: Students are given outside recess whenever possible.  Decisions to have indoor recess are based on temperature and wind chill factor.  Always dress your child under the assumption they will have outside recess.

Releasing Students from School to Parents:  Students leaving school early must be signed out in the office by a parent or other responsible party.  Party picking up child must be on the emergency contact list in order for the child to go with the adult.  An ID such as a drivers license may be required as verification of identity.  Office staff will call students out of class to be checked out. Students must also sign in at the office when they arrive late or are returning to school after being checked out.

Rules for General Behavior: Teachers teach accepted behavior in the classroom and expect responsible behavior from all students. The following behaviors are never appropriate: 1) Fighting 2) Defiance of school staff  3) Profanity or swearing  4) Refusal to participate in class 5) Disruption of classroom  6) Possession of weapons or other dangerous objects  7) Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs.

Suspension: Students will be suspended only by the principal, or acting principal, and only in cases of extreme infractions.  We prefer to use in-school consequences such as time-out, in-school suspension, etc., with parental backup at home. Parents will be asked to meet with the principal before a suspended student is reinstated.  

Telephone: The office telephone is a business phone and is not to be used by students except in an emergency and with their teacher’s permission.  Students are not allowed to use the phone to make personal arrangements.  Calling students to the phone is disruptive to the class so please conduct as much family business as possible before and after school.

Toys: Much learning time is wasted when toys are brought to school from home so we are asking that all toys, especially all types of trading cards and electronic games, not come to school.  If these items are brought to school, they will be taken by the teacher and kept until a parent can come to school to pick them up.

Valuables: The school administrator and staff cannot be responsible for valuables students bring to school.  Please leave such items at home.  If special circumstances require a student to bring substantial cash or valuable items to school, they may be left in the office for safe keeping.

Vandalism: Our school and school equipment are public property.  Willfully damaging or destroying this property is cause for possible suspension and referral to police. The school requires that vandal damage be paid for before a student is allowed to return to class.  Local authorities will be involved when appropriate.  Accidental student damage should be reported to teachers immediately so damage is not seen as vandalism.

Visitors/Volunteers: Freedom Elementary is your school and we are proud to share it with you.  Parents are welcome and are encouraged to visit the school as a guest or volunteer.  For safety reasons, we ask that all school visitors first check in at the office to sign in and receive a visitor’s pass. This way we are aware of all persons in the school at all times.

Withdrawals from School: A transfer form should be completed by the parent of any student withdrawing from school.  Teachers and staff will summarize the student’s progress and prepare the student’s file for forwarding to their next school of enrollment.  We will provide you with a copy of immunization records, if desired.  Other records are forwarded at the receipt of the new school’s request.

District Policies and Forms

Student Information, Medical Information, Home Language Survey (Each child needs information updated yearly and parent and student need to sign the Student Information Form at the bottom of P. 2 stating they have read the Student Discipline Policy)

Directory Information Withhold Release Request (As needed)

Ethnicity and Race (New students only)

FERPA - English Version (Each family needs access annually)

Parent/Guardian Rights Notice (Each family needs access annually)

Homeless Student Identification (As needed)

Medication Policy (Each family needs access annually)

Student Discipline Policy(Including Safe School Policy) (Each family needs access annually)

WSD Calendar (Each family needs access annually)

Compulsory Education/Attendance Policy-English Version (Each family needs access annually)

School Fees Notice (Each family needs access annually)

School Fee Waiver-Application (As needed)

Parents Poster K-6 (Each family needs access annually)

Residence - Disclosure (As needed)

Miscellaneous Notices (Each family needs access annually)

Residence Verification (As needed)

Medical Examination Report-Revised 10-13 for Kindergarten Students

Dental Exam-Revised 10-13 for Kindergarten Students

The Utah Child Protection Registry
The Utah Child Protection Registry is a do-not-contact service that allows families to register their e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers (SMS), instant messenger IDs, and fax numbers to stop adult-oriented solicitations from reaching their in boxes. Registering online is fast, easy, and best of all FREE for Utah families and schools. Register today at
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