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Safe School Policy

Weber School District Student Discipline Policy and Safe School Policy

I. Purpose The purpose of the policy is to foster a safe, positive environment for learning.


II. Prohibited Conduct & Related Discipline Prohibited conduct is forbidden at school, on school property, including school vehicles and at any school activity. A serious violation that threatens or harms a school, school property, a person connected with school or property associated with a person connected with school is forbidden regardless of where it occurs.

A. You WILL be removed from school for at least 1 year for a serious violation involving:

  1. a real, look alike, or pretend firearm, or 
  2. explosive or flammable material. Exceptions may be made o¬n a case by case basis through the Superintendent's office.

B. You WILL be removed from school for:

  1. possession, control, actual or threatened use of a real, look alike or pretend weapon, explosive or noxious or flammable material;
  2. the sale or distribution of a drug, controlled substance, imitation controlled substance or drug paraphernalia;
  3. using or threatening to use serious force; or
  4. a serious violation of Section II.C affecting a student or staff member.

C. You MAY be removed from school for:

  1. 1. willful disobedience or violating a school or district rule;
  2. defying authority;
  3. disruptive behavior;
  4. foul, profane, vulgar or abusive language;
  5. defacing or destroying school property;
  6. truancy;
  7. theft;
  8. posing a significant threat to the welfare, safety or morals of a student, school personnel or the operation of the school;
  9. possessing, using, controlling or being under the influence of alcohol, a drug, an imitation drug or drug paraphernalia or misusing any substance;
  10. possessing or using tobacco;
  11. hazing, demeaning or assaulting someone or forcing someone to ingest a substance;
  12. inappropriate exposure of body parts;
  13. sexual or other harassment; or
  14. gang-related attire or activity.

The decision to remove or to discipline in some other way is made by your site administrator based o¬n all the circumstances.

D. The type and length of discipline is based o¬n factors such as previous violations, severity of conduct and other relevant educational concerns.

E. When appropriate, students will be placed o¬n remedial discipline plans.

F. School personnel will use reasonable physical restraint if necessary to protect a person or property from physical injury or to remove a violent or disruptive student.

G. If you damage or lose school property, then your official report cards, diploma and transcripts may be withheld until payment for the damage is received or the lost property is recovered.

III. Searches
A. School personnel can search you, your locker, your personal property and your vehicle parked o¬n school property based o¬n reasonable suspicion. Reasonable suspicion may be based o¬n use of dogs or metal detectors.

B. School personnel can also conduct random searches that might include all lockers and other school property.

IV. Expulsion and Suspension Defined
A. Expulsion is a disciplinary removal from school by the School Board for more than 10 school days without an offer of alternative educational service.

B. Suspension is any other disciplinary removal from school.

V. Readmission and Admission
A. If you are removed from school under II.A, readmission depends upon satisfactory evidence that you will not be a danger to yourself, others or school property.

B. If you are removed from school under II.B or C, you can be readmitted after your parent/guardian meets with school officials to make a plan to correct your behavior and after you complete your days of suspension.

C. The district may deny admission to a student who has been expelled from any school in the last twelve months.

VI. Due Process
A. If you are removed from school or otherwise disciplined under this policy, you can meet with your site administrator to tell your side of the story.

B. If your site administrator recommends removal for more than 10 school days, a Weber District Student Services Coordinator will hear your case at your school with you, your parent or guardian, the site administrator and others as necessary. This hearing will be held within 10 days of your removal from school.

C. If you are removed from school for more than 10 school days, you can appeal the decision by writing to Weber District Student Services within 10 days of the decision. Your parent or guardian is responsible to plan for your education during suspension and to pay for any services not provided by the district.

VII. Students with Disabilities
If you are a student with a qualified disability, your site administrator will explain the separate procedures that may apply based on the procedural safeguards under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act or Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.