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Our school

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Minutes October 2017

In Attendance:

Crystal Stander: Facilitator

Diane Rockwood: Principal

Deana Davis:  Assistant Principal

Becky Dills: Teacher, Note taker

Suzanne Stirland:  Parent

Kim Crump:  Parent

Heather Hogge:  Parent

Not Present;

JerylDean Clark, Teacher

The meeting was called to order at 4:04 by Crystal Stander.

Budget Review

The budget was discussed.  Diane shared a spreadsheet that showed how money has been spent so far. We reviewed the Final Report for the last school year. We reached our goal of 80% of the students on benchmark at the end of the year.  The beginning of the year data showed 74% of the students were at benchmark. There was $3,664 in carry-over which was below the 10% allowed.  

Review Current Plan

Diane talked about how the new math interventionist schedule was going. The feedback from teachers has been positive.  The timing for this addition goal and a new math program was perfect. We talked about the PLC Conference and how beneficial that was for all who attended.  Becky reviewed

Electronic Devices CIPA

Deana Davis reviewed our district policy on internet safety. The past few years teacher have provided training to our students through a series of district videos. Each student who participates is recorded on MyStudent and is tracked by the state. Next year we invite someone from the Tech Department to share the protections we are using to keep our kids safe.

Becky Dills motioned to adjourn the meeting and Deana Davis seconded the motion.

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