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Our school

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February 15, 2018

In Attendance

Crystal Stander- Committee Chairman

AnnaLynne Yamashita - Parent member

Suzanne Stirland - Parent member

Kim Crump - Parent member

Michel Strate - Administrator

Diane Rockwood - Administrator

Becky Dills - Teacher/Recorder

Review budget:

It was proposed that we use the additional money we will be receiving next year to pay for a 3

hour a day aide to help differentiate instruction in the spanish immersion classes.

The rest of the money would be used to help support purchasing replacement projectors, bulbs,


Committee members discussed spending money on the following:

Math manipulatives

Math paraprofessional training

Spanish Immersion aide

Diane said she could send out a survey to teachers asking what they would like the extra money

to be spent on.

Diane contacted Seth Pilkington to check where we are at on our budget compared to last year.

We were giving an additional $20,000 for this year and we are currently $8,500 above what we

spent last year so we are right on target for our spending this year.

Next Steps

Everyone will review the current information and will email their thoughts on next year’s plan so

we can take a vote at the next meeting. This email is due by February 23rd.

A new proposal will be sent out by February 26th to be voted on.

DIBELS discussion was tabled until our next meeting.

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