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1/15/18 Community Council Meeting Minutes

In Attendance: Heather Hogge, Annalynne Yamashita, Crystal Stander, Kari Breeding, Becky Dills, Diane Rockwood


Meeting Began @: 4:05

Minutes read and approved: Yes

  • New Trustlands position- Heather Hogge-Support small group instruction (spanish speaking) 5 hours a week.  
  • Watched Time Bomb (Mike Mattos)
  • Went over Budget
  • 5,000.00 conference (paid from another source). Money can be transferred to another source.
  • Reviewed Trustland goals
  • Several Smartboards will need to be replaced soon.
  • School Plan Review - We may need to change the Math Goal to include grades
  • Literacy Goals- 80% growth last year
  • Imagine Learning

Upcoming events/questions/comments-

Motion to adjourn-Crystal Stander

Next Meeting- 1/17/18

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