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January Minutes 2019

In Attendance:  

Diane Rockwood, Becky Dills, Joni Bennett, JerylDean Clark,  Jennifer Hooge, Kim Crump, Annalynne Yamashita, Sharcy Sudayka, Crystal Stander.


Meeting was called to order by Annalynne Yamashita at 4:00

Minutes read and approved: Yes

  • Becky Dills showed comparison of DIBELS scores, and also explained the difference of composite scores in the DIBELS program.  It was discussed that you can have a student at various levels of Benchmark level.
  • A new program that is being used in the First Grade this year, is the Reading Horizons program.  The first grade has really benefited from this program and it was discussed that grades Kindergarten through Third grade have training for this program.
  • There are goals posted throughout the school entitled “Widely Important Goals”.  These are goals that have been set by the team and the results are posted in the grade hallways.  The committee took a walk around the school to view these goals.
  • It was discussed that the Weber School District is looking at having schools become “Leader in Me Schools”.
  • A funding source that is available was discussed of Senate Bill 67 brought to the Senate by Ann Milner.
  • The Roy Cone has a new program called Project Roar where food is brought to a location and the students can come and get whatever they need.
  • With the budget being discussed the following items were brought to our attention.  Money has been spent in providing aides that have helped with the reading programs and reading workshops.  Under the category of Repairs and Maintence; it was pointed out there are a lot of projectors that are dying and will need to be replaced.  The new projectors can use new LED light bulbs and will last longer. Another category where money was used was for an Aide for Spanish teachers.  Mrs. Hooge pulls out Spanish students and explains math problems. Ms. Rockwood would like to see more money placed towards technology. Each cart with Chromebooks cost $6,000.00 dollars.  Each grade has five classrooms and more carts are needed.
  • It was presented that perhaps we could take a field trip to see how schools have handled One to One technology.  North Ogden Elementary, Lake View and Plain City all have One to One technology in their schools. The term One to One means that each student has a chromebook for their personal use in the classroom.

Motion to adjourn – Heather Hooge

Next meeting February 21, 2019  

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