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Community Council Minutes 9/20/18

Posted a vacancy notice at back-to-school night for one open spot. Vacancy was filled by Sharcy Sudyka.  

In Attendance: Diane Rockwood, Crystal Stander, Kari Breeding, Becky Dills, JerylDean Clark, Heather Hoge, Annalynne Yamishita

Absent: Kim Crump, Sharcy Sudyka

Motion to begin meeting by Crystal Stander @: 4:05

Minutes read and approved:

School Plans Review

Budget Review

  • Carry Over from 2016-17   3,664.00
  • Distribution from 2016-17  77,909.00

Data Review-

  • Discussed dibbles and SAGE data from 2017-18.
  • Implement Reading Horizons in 1st grade for improvement.  
  • Goal 80%-81%- met goal.  
  • Reviewed Data Gateway Data
  • Discussed Professional Development Plans- Roy Cone Funding-
  • Next year- Goal should be targeted at growth.
  • Discussed Prop 1 Our Kids Now
  • Keep Assessment will assess growth in math and reading.

Motion to end meeting by Becky Dills @-5:10

Upcoming Events/Questions/Comments

Next Meeting- October 25th @4:00

RTI Data

Discuss professional development

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