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Community Council Meeting 9/20/18

Proposed Agenda

Once you have reviewed this agenda please add your name as either In Attendance or Absent. Make additions under the last bullet for additional topics.  Thanks and see you on the 20th!

Community Council Agenda  9/20/18

  • Welcome Sharcy Sudyka
  • Final Budget Review
  • Current School Plan Review
  • Current Budget Review
  • Data Review
  • Upcoming Events/Questions/Comments

Meeting Adjourned @: 5:10

Community Council Minutes 9/20/18

Posted a vacancy notice at back-to-school night for one open spot. Vacancy was filled by Sharcy Sudyka.  

In Attendance: Diane Rockwood, Crystal Stander, Kari Breeding, Becky Dills, JerylDean Clark, Heather Hoge, Annalynne Yamishita

Absent: Kim Crump, Sharcy Sudyka

Motion to begin meeting by Crystal Stander @: 4:05

Minutes read and approved:

School Plans Review

Budget Review

  • Carry Over from 2016-17   3,664.00
  • Distribution from 2016-17  77,909.00

Data Review-

  • Discussed dibbles and SAGE data from 2017-18.
  • Implement Reading Horizons in 1st grade for improvement.  
  • Goal 80%-81%- met goal.  
  • Reviewed Data Gateway Data
  • Discussed Professional Development Plans- Roy Cone Funding-
  • Next year- Goal should be targeted at growth.
  • Discussed Prop 1 Our Kids Now
  • Keep Assessment will assess growth in math and reading.

Motion to end meeting by Becky Dills @-5:10

Upcoming Events/Questions/Comments

Next Meeting- October 25th @4:00

RTI Data

Discuss professional development

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