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November 17,2016

Community Council Meeting

In attendance:

Suzanne Stirland,Chair

Heather Hogge

Kim Crump,

Crystal Stander,

Diane Rockwood, Principal

Becky Dills, teacher representative (minutes)

Annalynne Yamashita


Becky Dills motioned that Annalynne Yamashita fill the Vice Chair position. It was seconded and the

motion passed.

We discussed an amendment to add Professional Development to the line asking what the additional

funding we received would go toward. Diane Rockwood is working closely with financing and the district

coordinator for Trustland reporting. The school has registered 9 teachers for the PLC conference next

Fall in Salt Lake City. We will not amend this past years plan if we are able to use $3,500 from this year

and another $2,500 next year to cover the conference this fall.

Suzanne Stirland brought up a concern about the Cross age tutoring AmeriCorps Program. First grade

meets with fourth grade 4 days a week. The second grade meets with fifth grade 4 days a week as well.

Becky Dills reviewed the program and what the students are doing. Crystal Stander discussed her

observation/visit of cross-age tutoring last week. She shared the positive feedback from several of the

teachers who are involved. We also discussed a grant to get more books which would allow the classes

to divide up and create more space for kids to read.

The question was asked exactly what the AmeriCorps money pays for. Diane explained the financial

savings of the position. We receive eight hours of aide time and only have to pay for four hours.

AmeriCorps pays the rest. Jessica Bench is our current AmeriCorps aide. She works six hours each day

with reading volunteers and two hours with attendance. Becky explained some of the other

responsibilities of the position. Jessica is also working with Latinos in Action from Roy High and those

kids run the STAR program with first grade students in the Spanish classes. She oversees three

grandparent volunteers and will continue to add parent volunteers to supplement some of the programs

we already have running.

Suzanne mentioned that she really likes the Class Dojo. This is a computer program that many of our

teachers are using to improve communication between home and school. It is also a highly motivational

behavior management system. Each student can gain points by doing desired activities. Two of our

long-term substitutes are currently using the program with success.

Suzanne also brought up an interest in following up with a presentation last year by John Donley about

Project Lead the Way. We have a robotics program that needs to resume and several parents would like

to see more Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in our school. Diane and Becky shared the way

we are having substitutes who come in to cover classes during monthly teacher meetings teach a STEM

activity. Our first grade team is having a STEM Day next week prior to Thanksgiving and two teachers

from our third grade our getting STEM endorsements. We would like to continue to add STEM activities

throughout the year and develop a program of our own to excite our kids about these activities.

The PTA awarded our Kindergarten team $500 for their great work on the Fun Run. The third grade will

partner with them and write a matching grant for an additional $500 from our district foundation to

build STEM kits for the classes.

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