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Minutes for Freedom Elementary Community Council meeting held on October 8, 2015

Start time 4:00 p.m.

In attendance:

 Ms. Rockwood, Principal

 Suzanne Stirland, Chair

 Crystal Stander

 Danielle Baxter

 June Thomas

 Becky Dills, teacher representative

 Heather Hogge

 Lee Claycomb, teacher representative (minutes)

Agenda Topic: ERI

 Mrs. Stirland shared that she had observed the ERI (Early Reading Intervention) during kindergarten because this is an area has been targeted and accounts for much of the expenditure of the budget. She reported that the program is highly repetitive and focuses on specific sounds, combinations and letter recognition. She is very happy that all of the children are receiving help.

 Ms. Rockwood suggested that the aides and volunteers working in the program might need some training in behavior management. Ms. Rockwood has a contact who will come and offer the training.

 Mrs. Dills, Freedom Reading Specialist, showed the data from last year’s group and talked about the growth in the all-day kindergarten. This group of students were the most impacted of the groups at the beginning of the year, but at the end of the year, all of the students tested "on level". Students who had ERI during the year demonstrated greater accuracy and were more able to recognize letter sounds and pull apart words during the DIBELs testing.

 Ms. Rockwood believes that the impact of this early reading intervention is already being realized in 1st grade. This year, all of the students will be receiving help and this additional servicing will help to have these kindergarteners on level and ready for 1st grade.

 All were invited to go and observe the process.

Agenda Topic: Keyboarding Online

 A question was raised about "keyboarding online" and if it is being used in the school and during rotations for PLC meetings.

 There is a bi-weekly rotation where keyboarding online could be taught. There was some teacher concern that the "break" between the keyboarding sessions and the limited time with

the program might not produce results, so the focus during that bi-weekly session has been more directed towards writing.

 Ms. Rockwood said that she would get teacher input and talk with the PLC teacher aides to see if they could utilize the program more. We are also trying to encourage kids to use the program at home.

Agenda Topic: State Community Council Site

 Ms. Rockwood showed the committee the new School Trust Land’s Website.

 She has worked to upload our current plan.

 Committee members’ names, emails and phone numbers will be listed on the website per current policy.

Meeting adjourned 5:00 p.m.

Next Meeting is set for Thursday, November 12, 2015.

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