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September 19, 2019

In Attendance:  

Diane Rockwood, Brandon Lott, Becky Dills, JerylDean Clark,  Kim Crump, Annalynne Yamashita, Sharcy Sudayka, Crystal Stander.


Meeting was called to order by Annalynne Yamashita at 4:00

Minutes read and approved: It was discussed that the Agenda served as our minutes (yes).

  • There was an opening which has occurred on the council. This opening was posted on the front door for 10 days  and two applicants have applied, Suzanne Stirland and Sharlie Wade. A motion was made that the council should hold two members from the community to better represent the growing community. It was seconded and approved. 

  • In reviewing the budget it was noted that Laurie Nisonger’s and Monica Widdison’s salaries are coming out of the allotment for the math goal.  These ladies go around to every classroom and offer 15 minutes of aide time to help those students who are struggling in math. Each grade also have an Rti time where students are grouped according to the capability and different activities are done with that group.

  • The cost of technology was discussed with the budget of $7,000.00 coming from the Math goal and $7,000.00 coming from the reading goal.

  • Technology was further discussed regarding different needs in the school, and how fast technology is moving.  Projectors and Smart Boards are becoming a thing of the past, with the Interactive LED Display becoming the new item of use. These will cost approximately $3,500 to install. 

  • The school is having a Needs Assessment  which is being conducted by Innovations Ed. Results of this will be shared with the Community Council in November.

  • Diane talked about WIGS which stand for Wildly Important Goals.  It was explained how you should be spending 20% percent of your time to be effective.  In order to do this she would like to be in the classrooms more, so Diane, Brandon and Becky will come into the classroom and complete weekly observations as to what is taking place in the classrooms, giving feedback to the teachers and asking thought provoking questions of them.

  • Becky Dill's role has changed from being a reading coach to an instructional coach, this gives her an opportunity to help a larger amount of students.  With this change Tricia Watkins, Tami Poulter, and Becky Turner will take over the responsibility of handling reading groups.

  • It was discussed regarding changes that have taken place in the Kindergarten grade.  In years past Kindergarten has incorporated ERI or Early Reading Intervention into the classroom, to help the students on their individual level.  This year the teachers wanted to try a new phonics program called Reading Horizons. The teachers are incorporating the physical response cards from the ERI program, along with following the Reading Horizons.  The Reading Horizons program requires 20 minutes a day, along with time for the Imagine Learning program on the iPad with an allotted time of 13 hours by the end of the school year. With all of the requirements the teachers could not see how they could do 30 minutes of ERI, 20 minutes of Reading Horizions, and time for the Imagine Learning program.  The teachers decided to implement the Reading Horizons program and the Imagine Learning and drop the ERI program.

  •  Our Reading Goal was discussed as having 80% of our students on Benchmark with a growth goal as well.  

  • There is also the goal of students grade 3rd through 6th will have a proficient marking of 43%., with the growth mark of 40 or above.  Having the students take benchmark tests on the computer K-2 will help ease the anxiety of taking tests on the computer.

  • The remaining 9-10 teachers in the school will attend the PLC conference of Solution Tree.

  • With the Teacher Student Success Act – TSSA we should be receiving $80,000.00 to help fund the needs of our school.

Motion to adjourn – Crystal Stander

Next meeting October 24, 2019  

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