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November 12, 2020

In Attendance:  

Brandon Lott, Becky Dills, JerylDean Clark,  Kim Crump, Annalynne Yamashita, Suzanne Stirland, Alicia Christiansen, and Natasha Davis.


Sharlie Wade

Meeting was called to order at 3:30

  • Becky Dills presented the results of the beginning of the year tests results from Acadience Reading.  A test that is given to help assess a student’s reading skills.  Many of the grades showed a decrease in their testing scores.  It was discussed that the district is keenly aware of the drop of the scores throughout the district because of the soft closure.  
  • The safety protocol program that has been set up in our school was also discussed.  Using keywords for each particular situation; such as the following:


Lockout !  - Secure the perimeter

Lockdown! – Locks,  lights, out of sight

Evacuate – (When this is necessary we have permission to use the church located to the west of the school)


Kristin Ritcher is in charge of the safety program at the school.

  • Internet safety was another issue that was addressed.  Our technical support person is over that concern, with the District asking each teacher to provide CIPA training to their students.
  • Our Positive Behavior Plan for the school is sponsored by Kim Malay, our school counselor.  The students may earn three tickets and bring those tickets for a package treat with the ability to earn an additional prize along with it.  Kim has handled the situation very well, in having decorated dots on the carpet placing the situations apart from each other as they are waiting in line for their turn.
  • A question was raised regarding our safe walking plan.  We are a walking school, so we should have a safe walking route posted for the students to arrive at school.  The school boundaries were discussed along with the concern of having a sidewalk for the students to walk to school on the south side of the road.  Approval has not been granted from the residents to have the sidewalks installed on their property.
  • There has been approval to install a west side cat walk from the school playground because of safety concerns of the students leaving the school grounds.
  • Annalynne Yamashita will be the Chairperson for the committee, with Alicia Christiansen as the Vice Chair.

Motion to adjourn – Kim Crump

Seconded by JerylDean Clark

Next meeting will be held January 14, 2020 

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